Changes in version 1.0/1.1/1.2

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Changes in version 1.0/1.1/1.2

Post autor: gbbsoft » 15 lip 2008, 20:26

:arrow: 2006-01-02
There is first version in English language!

:arrow: version: 1.01.2214

- descriptions of CV are translated into English (in decoders programming module)

:arrow: version: 1.1.2225

Add support for F9 to F12

:arrow: version 1.1.2226.17740

Add F9-F12 from keyboard:
F9: 9
F10: CTRL+0
F11: CTRL+1
F12: CTRL+2

:arrow: version 1.01.2359

- add export engines to XML file
- add import engines from XML file

:arrow: version 1.02.2370

:arrow: __half-blocks__: On the Half-block train stop only in one direction. On other direction train don't stop. Half-bock can be used before station:


:arrow: corected bug in saving after import engine with picture from XML file

:arrow: version 1.02.2371

:arrow: __Manual engine control__ After switching on 'Manual engine control' engine speed is not changed by program after following operations: Start train from block, Enter block by train
This is a new fun play with control trains on model railroads: one person sets green light on semaphore, second person control train using throttle.

:arrow: version 1.2.2409

New module: "Description of decoder CV"

With new module you can:
- import ready decoder CV descriptions from Internet
- create and edit your decoder CV descriptions
- export it to XML file and import this file later (e.g. to your friend's program)
- import decoder CV description from ProLok format file
- set decoder CV description to engine

:arrow: version 1.2.2411

Changes in program:
- program can be started by double click on *.plansza file
- On form to define CV description we added button 'Clone' to clone CV descriptions.

:arrow: version 1.2.2412

In setup program, except GbbKolejka we add GbbCollector program.

New CV desctriptions for: Lenz Gold-Mini (in english and polish)
New CV desctriptions for following decoders (in english and polish):
Lenz Gold JST
Lenz Gold Maxi
Lenz Silver
Lenz Silver Mini
New CV desctriptions for following decoders (in english and polish):
ESU LokSound2
ESU LokSound3

:arrow: version 1.02.2452

- help was updated
- add decoder programming by DDW serwer (beta)
- bug was corrected in import CV decriptions from Internet

:arrow: version 1.02.2509

Some minor changes:
- changes in autonumbering of new DCC-items
- new demo file, smaller so can be used in demo version
- new demo file for DDW server
- correct bug during deleting engine when one of previous engine was set as hiden

:arrow: 1.02.2547

- new engine received next number automatically
- Add new CV description for Viessmann DHL-161 to download from internet.